We believe in winning without prejudices and being recognised as the most active contributor in ethical and clean garment manufacturing. We nurture fundamental principles geared through management systems to improve our environmental footprint and protecting the foundation of our business – our People.
We are a corporate member of the 


Energy Reduction
(Electricity, HFO, LPG)

waste recycled (carton,
fabric wastage, plastic)

Reduction in
water usage

Rs 590K
CSR Donations
raised by Tropic Knits



Making garments, yes! But in the most energy efficient manner to reduce the burden on energy resources and the load on our ecosystem


Everyone has the right to a living wage, a safe and healthy work environment and fair working conditions. We are committed to being responsible employers.


The most important and precious resource in our operations. There is no better way than to promote waterless techniques and water conserving processes.

 Community & CSR

Through our CSR and Act for Community programs, TKG employees are engaging themselves with its communities to promote well-being, health and help in our society.

As part of CIEL Group, Tropic Knits also gives 50% of its CSR budget to the Group’s foundation, Fondation Ciel Nouveau Regard.

 Sustainable Sourcing

We go to great lengths to involve our suppliers in sustainable practices. We work with 100% organic, ethically produced cottons accredited by international bodies including the Best Cotton Initiative and Cotton Made in Africa.

 Chemical Management

A major component of our business, our chemical management is structured to ensure product safety and environmental protection across all the life cycle of our garments.

 Waste Management

With the 3R’s approach being the backbone of our waste management, TKG is continuously improving its processes to become a zero-waste company.